How to Wrap a Stroller for Baby Shower (Ultimate Solution)

how to wrap a stroller for baby shower
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Are you going to join a baby shower party but confused about how you could surprise the would-be mother? We have plenty of wonderful suggestions. You can cover a stroller with nice colorful papers to wish for her. The future mother must be ecstatically imagining her baby on your gift.

How to Wrap a Stroller for Baby Shower? It is simple when you buy the stroller. Then all that you need to do is to manage 2 to 3 wrapping papers, cover the stroller box completely and ensure that there are no edges or splits. Besides, you can decorate the box by putting a decorative you like.

You know, sometimes wrapping is more important than the costly gift inside because all will see the outside first. So, employ your utmost effort to make the wrapping as attractive as possible.

How to Wrap a Stroller for Baby Shower: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choosing the Right Wrapping Paper

The first step in wrapping a stroller is choosing the right wrapping paper. You’ll want to choose a sturdy, high-quality paper that can withstand the weight of the stroller. You may also want to choose a paper with a fun and festive design that suits the baby shower theme.

2. Measuring the Stroller

Before you start wrapping the stroller, you’ll need to measure it to ensure you have enough paper. Measure the length, width, and height of the stroller, and add a few extra inches to each measurement to ensure you have enough paper to cover the entire stroller.

3. Disassembling the Stroller

To make the wrapping process easier, it’s best to disassemble the stroller. Remove any detachable parts, such as the canopy, basket, and seat, and set them aside. This will also make it easier to wrap each part separately.

4. Wrapping the Frame

Once the stroller is disassembled, start by wrapping the frame. Lay the wrapping paper out flat and place the frame in the center. Fold the paper over the frame and secure it with tape. Make sure the paper is tight and there are no wrinkles or air pockets.

5. Wrapping the Wheels

Next, wrap the wheels. Lay the wheels on the paper and wrap them individually, making sure the paper is tight and there are no air pockets. You may need to use extra tape to secure the paper in place.

6. Reassembling the Stroller

After the frame and wheels are wrapped, it’s time to reassemble the stroller. Start by attaching the wheels to the frame, then attach the seat, canopy, and any other detachable parts. Make sure everything is securely attached and in the right position.

7. Adding Accessories

If you want to add some extra accessories to the stroller, such as a toy or blanket, now is the time to do so. You can attach them to the stroller using ribbon or tape.

8. Adding the Finishing Touches

To add the finishing touches, tie a ribbon or bow around the stroller. You can also add a gift tag or card to complete the look.

9. Wrapping Alternatives

If you don’t want to wrap the stroller in traditional wrapping paper, there are other alternatives you can try. For example, you could use a large gift bag or box, or wrap the stroller in a blanket or towel.

10. Tips for Transporting the Wrapped Stroller

Transporting a wrapped stroller can be tricky, especially if you’re traveling a long distance. To make sure the stroller stays securely wrapped, use a large bag or box to transport it. You can also use bubble wrap or foam padding to protect the stroller during transport. If you’re traveling by car, make sure the stroller is securely strapped in and won’t shift during transit. If you’re traveling by plane, check with the airline to see if they have any specific requirements for transporting strollers. It’s also a good idea to attach a luggage tag with your contact information in case the stroller gets lost or misplaced during transport.

Choosing And Preparing The Best Wrappers

First of all, take two crib sheets or wrapping papers, prioritizing your color and design.

The more graphic and printed the papers, the more beautiful and attractive the box will look.

So, while buying the papers, take your time to find out the best one.

Then spread them on a plain surface and try to make sure that one of them has covered one-third of the other. Now, take two pieces of tape and make their use to join the middle of the papers. Make sure that the papers are joined straight. Otherwise, the wrapping won’t look nice.

Best Overall: Wrapping Papers for Baby Shower

  • Reversible wrapping paper that provides multiple-use.
  • Attractive kid-friendly looks and designs to make fun of.
  • Premium playful patterns look gorgeous.
  • A big-size baby shower can be easily wrapped.
  • It can be used on multiple occasions.
  • It isn’t thick.

Placing And Joining The Stroller Box

Now, lay the stroller box exactly at the point where you taped the two papers. After that, the main job of your wrapping starts. You are to then go to the wider part of the box and start folding that place first.

There must be some rifted portions of the papers. Fold them down nicely and tape them so that they look no longer deformed, but rather decorated.

Giving The Box The Shape With Care

Take some pins to fold the papers and give a nice shape to the entire box. Check if all the loose ends have come to the top. If not, push them with your palm softly and slowly so that they all reach the top. Now, take some small pieces of tape and mend all the splits.

Wherever you find any splits or zigzags, you have to work there to mend or make them plain.

Decor The Top Of The Box With Your Favorite Tools

The more beautiful the stroller box, the more curious and happier the receiver will be. So, don’t miss the chance to spend a little more money and time making your gift a memorable one.

You can add a small toy on the top. Or simply a nice fake flower would make it look special. If nothing is available, at least hang two colorful ribbons. Don’t leave the top empty.

So, how do you feel now? Of course, wrapping and beautifying a baby buggy is neither difficult nor time-consuming.

How Do You Wrap A Large Baby Shower Gift?

When you buy a large gift for a baby shower, it might seem difficult to wrap it up. Here are our easy-to-go techniques to make things so simple.

  • Needless to say, first of all, you will collect the wrapping papers according to your taste. Remember to choose the colorful and printed ones.
  • As the box is large, you should work with it from side to side and then the top and bottom separately.
  • So, spread a piece of paper on a table first and then lay the box in its middle. Now, wrap the paper up and over the box so that all four sides get covered. Stretch out the paper to finish the loose parts. Cut off some pieces of tape to join the places where the two ends of the paper meet. Be sure that the joint has no splits to spoil the beauty.
  • Then go to the bottom of the box. Fold the edges down with tape, and do the same at the top also.
  • After that, take another piece of paper and cut it, measuring its top or bottom, as both these opposite parts of the box are of the same size so that it covers the part completely. Now, wrap the top with the cut paper and tape its ends. You have to do it with care to make sure that its surface is nice and plain.
  • You are near the end. Just repeat the same with the bottom and have a final check if anything odd is there. 

So, our expert’s suggestions must convince you to try them when you think of dressing a large gift for a baby shower.

How To Wrap A Car Seat For A Baby Shower?

For wrapping a car seat for a baby shower, you need to measure the seat first. So, take the measurement from the center of the back to the front raised part in the front and from the top of the handle to the bottom of the seat.

Based on this estimation, buy a ready-made cover from the shop. You can also make the cover at home.

In case you go for the second option, you must select a good fabric. If possible, try to buy a slightly larger cover so that you can wrap the seat easily.

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How To Wrap A Crib Mattress For A Baby Shower?

For one reason or another, if you are looking for the easiest ways to coat a crib mattress, here is the best solution. 

First, uncover the folded mattress cover. When you do that, you will see a little lip of velcro at one end. This velcro end will be at the bottom part of the mattress.

Now, enter the mattress into the cover, and fold the corner edges but not the glue part. Then fold it over to attach to the bottom side of the mattress. Push the mattress to one side to find the extra part of the cover so that you can fold them with tape.

How easy is it to wrap a crib mattress?

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  • 【Easy to Clean】The crib mattress cover is made of skin-friendly knitted fabric for baby's sensitive skin. Removable and machine-washable. The non-woven lining is waterproof and wipes away stains easily.
  • 【Premium Material】High-elastic foam provides stable support, and memory foam relieves pressure. Air holes and cooling gel make the baby mattress more breathable and comfortable, dissipating excess heat.
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What Should I Write Inside A Baby Shower Card?

The words or their tone depends on the relation between the would-be mother and you.

For example, if she is your daughter, the note will be one kind. On the other hand, when she is your friend or something else, it will be different. But the message must contain something warm and pleasing. Here are some best messages.

Can’t wait for the moment

Blessings to you and the baby

Wish you a sweet and safe time ahead

Which one do you think is the prettiest?

Final Thought

We all love to surprise our near and dear ones with love and gifts on special occasions. When it is a baby shower party, a stroller is everybody’s choice.

For wrapping the lovely present nicely, you need to cover the whole gift box with nice crib sheets or wrapping papers. Then give it a perfect finish by mending the edges and risen parts with tape. Finally, you can put a decorative tool on the top and take it to the party.

But when the gift box is large, you will wrap the following the same way but with the sides together and the top and bottom separately. Thus it will be easier and better. Again, a mattress covering is comfortably easy if you use a plastic cover and fold it perfectly.

Hope you know the ins and outs of packaging a stroller. So, don’t miss trying it next time!


Can I use any type of wrapping paper to wrap a stroller?

It’s best to use sturdy wrapping paper, such as kraft paper, to wrap a stroller. This will provide better protection for the stroller during transport and handling.

How do I ensure that the wrapping paper stays in place on the stroller?

To keep the wrapping paper in place, use double-sided tape or clear packing tape to secure it to the stroller. You can also tie a ribbon around the stroller to keep the paper in place.

Should I remove the wheels before wrapping the stroller?

It’s not necessary to remove the wheels before wrapping the stroller. However, if the wheels are detachable and you’re concerned about them getting damaged during transport, you can remove them and wrap them separately.

Can I wrap a stroller if it’s already assembled?

Yes, you can wrap a stroller even if it’s already assembled. Just make sure to cover all the parts with wrapping paper and secure it in place.

How do I transport a wrapped stroller?

To transport a wrapped stroller, use a large bag or box and add some bubble wrap or foam padding to protect it. If you’re traveling by car, make sure the stroller is securely strapped in and won’t shift during transit. If you’re traveling by plane, check with the airline to see if they have any specific requirements for transporting strollers.

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